There are many freedoms in life. One of the greatest is the freedom to choose.
At raynorcontract, we make sure our clients can choose from a multitude of ergonomic
designs and from a full range of aesthetically pleasing and functionally easy-to-use chairs.

We learned long ago that our best work comes from our best posture.
So whether our work is from a task chair or from an executive chair...
Whether we are seated in light mesh or seduced by rich fine leather...

With Raynor Contract, each seat is perfectly proportioned, each back has an airy
appearance in order for our work to be the best it can possibly be.
Every feature considers design principles that optimize human well-being.

Life can make many adjustments for us.
But there are certain adjustments we can make for ourselves.
Raynor Contract Letting us stand tall. When we are sitting and when we rise.

Sit right. Stand tall.